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April 05, 2010


You are amazing!! You are really an inspiration! :)

All I can say is YOU GO GIRL, keep it up. Just keep pulling and pushing use, so we can walk in your shoes. You are my inspiration.
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Congrats on your weight loss. I admire your dedication!

Tiare, I've said it before and will say it again, you are truly an inspiration! You look wonderful. How was that shopping trip last weekend?

Tiare, you look great! Okay, you are an inspiration!

Tiare, go on and buy that ice cream. let it melt a little and then re-pack it in 1/2 cup containers. That way when you want some ice cream you can have some and just eat a small amount. Now if you do this it will still limit your dairy and sugar intake.

Tiare, I told you this morning and I'll post it here - You are my hero!!! We've cried together and laughed together through your journey and now you are doing the same for me! You, TRULY, are my hero! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments!

You skinny FRISKY thing!

Girl -- that picture tells the tale. You look AMAZING! And, of course, since I'm "that" kind of girlfriend -- I'll buy that pint of Starbuck's ice cream and keep it in my freezer for when you come over. Then, you can have just one scoop!

Tiare, you have no idea of how proud I am of you, for your willpower and determination to loose and keep the weight off. Keep up the GREAT job, you look Fabulous! Slowly I’m getting motivated to join you in this mission.

All I can say is WOW. You look good girl, keep up the good work.

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